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Two Halo 4 FFA Tournaments!

There are two Halo 4 Free-For-All Tournaments that have popped up on my radar:

March 12th – Insert Coins, Minneapolis MN
$15 Entry Fee, Full Cash Prizes


April 12th – No Brand Con, Eau Claire WI
$30 Convention Pass at the Door, Gaming Generations Gift Card Prizes

EVERCON 2013 – Halo 4 4v4 Tournament

What up D3TH Dealers!  I’ve got some exciting news, there is a Halo 4 4v4 tournament being held at EVERCON 2013.  EVERCON is a small convention being held in Weston, just outside of Wausau, on January 11-12.  They have not posted the exact time for the Halo tournament, but it will be held on Saturday sometime between 8am to 10pm.  I will update this post once I get confirmation of the time.  It looks like the same rules and playlist from the La Crosse tournament held a couple weeks ago.  32 team bracket, double elimination, $40 entry fee per team.  I will create the playlist and save the game type to my file share so everyone can download it.  Let me know if you’re interested, it’s far enough out that we can prepare for it.

More information at the links below:




halo 4 team

Holy Mother F#*$ing Shit Balls! Halo 4 Tourney in La Crosse!

On December 8th, Gaming Generations is hosting a 4v4 Halo 4 Tournament in La Crosse. It’s a best of 3 double elimination style bracket consisting of Team Slayer and CTF. $80 team entry, 32 stations (no split screens), and a main stage for the winners bracket.

Below is a link with more details. Let me know what you think!


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