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Welcome to the first ever D3TH WISH podcast, D3THCAST!

D3TH is Spreading!

Last quarter we posted our sites total hits at 193.  Currently we have a total of 859 hits!  Below is a breakdown:

Wisconsin 768 Florida 2
Minnesota 26 New Jersey 2
Missouri 16 Georgia 1
Michigan 11 North Carolina 1
Illinois 10 New York 1
Colorado 8 Oklahoma 1
California 7 Tennessee 1
Kansas 4



Halo 4 Map Updates in the Forum

I have updated the maps for Halo 4 in the forum.  The maps include full layout as well as callouts.  When you get a chance try and take a look and memorize some of the callouts and will try and use them this week when playing War Games.  Also let me know if you’re having difficulty logging into the private forum and I will reset your account.


The Time Has Come…..HALO 4 GAME DAY!

Listen up fellow D3TH Dealers, starting at midnight Halo 4 GAME DAY!  We will be playing off and on throughout the night and day, and most likely all week, the new Halo 4.

Important Information







With only 23 days left till the release of Halo 4 we need to get a few things in order before we start challenging other clans at GameBattles.  Below are a few of the topics/issues/steps that need to be addressed:

  • We need at least 4 clan members for the team.  Ideally 5 clan members to help fill-in in case someone is out.
  • We also need everyone to create a GameBattles profile so I can add them to the Halo 4 4×4 Team.
  • We will need to know everyone’s ideal time that they can practice and play scheduled matches.

Let’s discuss in the comments below:

D3TH WISH is now on Twitter

Fellow D3TH Dealers can now follow the clan through our official twitter account @d3thwishgaming.  Also a special thanks goes out to RaZaffles for setting up the account and running with it.

Have you checked out the forum lately?

Huge updates to the forum this week.  I have been working really hard to get the forum caught up with vital information and material to help D3TH WISH excel online.  Below are some of the updates:

  • New Downloads (Wallpapers and XBOX Themes)
  • Multiplayer Maps
  • Additional Clan Information
  • And much more…

Let me know in the “Suggestions” forum what you would like to see out there.

D3TH is Infectious!

For a site that has only been up a few months we already have 193 hits! Below is a breakdown of our total hits:

Wisconsin 176
Colorado 5
Michigan 4
Missouri 4
Illinois 2
Minnesota 2

New Google+ Page!

D3TH WISH is now on Google+! Mainly we created this account to share any D3TH photos. Let us know in the comments any other uses for this site without over lapping any of the other D3TH WISH accounts (YouTube, Calendar, etc…).

10 Greatest Games of ALL TIME.

D3THWISH.COM is making a list. This list consists of the greatest games ever made in a nutshell on the XBOX 360. Will your favorite game make our list? Keep visiting D3THWISH.COM to see the article soon!

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