Halo 4

THE RECLAIMER SAGA BEGINS…Halo 4 is the best Xbox 360 game of all time and hits our list in first. After Bungie handed 343 Industries the keys to success, 343 went above and beyond. Master Chief returns in one of the most exciting and challenging Halos yet. After splattering people online, you’ll understand.

STORY- Master Chief returns with Cortana to help mankind once again as they are confronted with Prometheans. The Covenant and the Prometheans form an alliance to push Master Chief out of the picture. After finding out they’re controlled by a Forerunner, the game takes an unexpected turn and grabs your attention even more. Besides all the chaos that quickly pulls the Chief in, Cortana’s AI structure begins to malfunction after her 7 years are up. With intense new enemy battles, saving mankind and Cotana’s personal struggles, Halo 4 is sure to keep your attention for the long haul. Incredible story.

Multiplayer- Most people look at Halo as an online game and if you do as well, you won’t be disappointed. Halo 4’s multiplayer is fast and intense. New ordinance drops are awarded to those who get kill streaks or point streaks, offering the user different weapons that you get to pick.

“Five kills in a row? I think i’ll pick the rocket launcher.”

The maps are great and expansive featuring many forge creations in the process. D3thwish.com’s very own Ripp3r7 created one of the best maps i’ve EVER played on. W$%^# Island infuses luck with gambling as users who die must then jump back on to the map. If you fail to make the leap, you fall to your death, thus being cast out on W$%@% Island again. After hours of multiplayer, you’d agree that this is the best installment yet.

There’s unlimited game play in Halo 4 which is the reason it’s the best Xbox 360 game of all time. Whether it be saving mankind in Halo’s campaign, blasting dudes and getting daily challenges done in multiplayer, going to the theater to watch that Killtacular you just got or heading to the forge to create the best map online. Halo 4’s possibilities are endless and this is a must buy for any Videogame fan.

Halo 4- 5/5